About this Blog

My name is Ben Embry. This blog is my alternative to Facebook, and it doesn’t really have a focus. But because I’m a married father of five young homeschooled children, blue-collar construction worker in rural east Texas, you can expect that I’ll be posting things related to this kind of life.

I’m trying to use the tags and categories on this site to give a little order to the content. Some of the more useful ones are these.

“Autobiography” is just stuff about the daily life in our home

“Short Post” is just that. Sometimes I wax long, and if you just want a short post, it’s not hard to find.

“Humor” is supposed to be a little bit funny.

“Article link” is what I use when I share an article that I have enjoyed.

The Commonplace Book page is supposed to be short quotes from anywhere that I’ve found to be insightful or well-written.


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